Czech touch systems - JAWIQ

Giant tablets are not only future vision now

Thanks to JAWIQ systems are modern technologies available for your commercial spaces, business premises, shops and expositions of museums or galleries. Our system EDUTOUCH is also very popular as a tool for education sector. JAWIQ is original Czech brand of touch systems and accessories.

6 and more point multitouch JAWIQ technology offers the highest touch control comfort. JAWIQ is the fastest, most accurate and most reliable device in its class.


JAWIQ technology is using native touch device drives in Windows. Thats why JAWIQ is real Plug&Play device so you can connect it any system... anywhere... anytime.​


Due variability of JAWIQ you can use it many ways. We have a solution and accessories for every occasion. Maybe you can surprise us with some new or atypic requirement but we will suprise you with the solution for it.