touch screen development and production

Our experience with selling touch devices was the first step lead us to start development and production of our own touch screen. The main milestone was the introduction of first EDUTOUCH model to Czech market in 2012. We are first and only Czech company who produce touch screens in Czech republic. JAWIQ - Made in EU, made in Czech republic.

development and production of touch and nontouch devices

We do not only EDUTOUCH systems. We are able to develop various both standard and atypic touch or non touch devices starting with many kinds of kiosks, over free standing systems, hanged systems to large video walls, touch walls and other sofistic solutions. Dont worry to ask us with any challenging requirements. We can do that together!

design and programming software

We do software not only for exhibitions, museum or galeries for their touch and control systems. We are able to design, develop, to program, test and use various software include larger information systems.