Applications for little writers, acquainting children with a new style of handwriting

Comenia Script was tested by the Czech Ministry of Education in a two-year trial project from 2010 to 2012, and has been approved as an alternative for use in Czech elementary schools. The National Institute of Adult Education (Národní ústav dalšího vzdělávání) has already trained more than 1,400 teachers in the use of this new handwriting at their schools. 

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Corinth Classroom

Cutting-edge educational tool developed with teachers. We strive to cooperate with teachers all around the world to make sure Corinth Classroom  will match the real needs of teachers and students.

Verified by teachers

Corinth Classroom is designed for the educators and institutions on the front line. Beta surveys indicated that 9 out of 10 teachers who tested our product would love to use Corinth Classroom at their school.


Simplifies difficult lessons

Corinth's cutting-edge visually immersive content provides multiple creative solutions for visualizing complex objects that are otherwise difficult to imagine or describe. The chance to explore in depth can make connections and bring "a-ha" moments to your class.

Easy adoption

We know that you have no time to waste and that adopting new tools can often be demanding. Corinth Classroom is hassle-free with an extremely simple interface. Even advanced functions can be learn in minutes!

Student centric

Corinth Classroom fascinates students, catches their attention and motivates them to learn more. Visually immersive objects uncover unseen depths of various topics and engage students by stimulating their curiosity.

Reinforce 21st century skills

The world is changing at an incredible pace and students need to keep up. Use Corinth Classroom to reinforce 21st century skills, such as teamwork, tech literacy and effective communication.

Quickly growing verified objects libraries 

Browse our state of the art library of over 350 interactive digital objects. Accurate and vetted with top universities.

Any device on Windows 8, 8.1, 10 platform 

Corinth Classroom can run on every Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 device without any excuse.

State of the art 3D content 

Enrich and distinguish your products with the best in class visual education experience, including 3D models, deep zoom images, augumented reality and more.



Team instruction based on tablets in the class

Tablets in class instruction are not limited to frontal teaching and single purpose applications. Toglic offers you teaching activities for team cooperation in the class and for development of communication skills in children.

Toglic in class instruction

Toglic has emerged from practical experience of the teachers, gained during real class instruction. It supports teacher’s work at both group and individual tasks and uses contemporary communication means to that end (tablets, netbooks, notebooks and smartphones):

  • makes easier preparation of various worksheets
  • enables flexible response to allocation of time and inclusion of additional tasks
  • provide feedback to the teacher - an overview of pupils’ answers and results
  • regarding mathematics, it supports individual practising of the subject

Inclusion of tablets and mobile devices in the instruction process, assisted by the Toglic teaching activities, develops key competencies in pupils:

  • communication competencies
  • social and personal competencies
  • problem solving competencies

Boost your instruction process by using tablets and mobile devices of any brand in interesting and original ways that are linked to your work with the interactive whiteboard.

Team cooperation

Develop team cooperation and communication skills of your pupils with the help of tablets. Make use of the teaching activities to display on the pupil tablets e.g. a number, example or sentence and continue working with the pupils using those "dealt cards". That way, tablets become a vehicle of speedy data transfer to the pupils who then discuss and work with it in groups.

Individual work

Select the example type (addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, comparisons) and a certain number of tasks, randomly generated based on the parameters set by you, will display on the pupil tablets. Using the teacher tablet you monitor how individual pupils are managing. An overview of all answers shows you where the pupils make mistakes, so you may focus on the challenging spots.


Use tablets to replace any voting devices. In order to quickly find out the opinions or knowledge level of the class, just ask a question and send a response form to the pupil tablets (answer types YES-NO, A-B-C or a field to insert one's own answer). Pupil answers will get displayed on the teacher tablet or whiteboard in a clear layout.

Methodological support

We realise that every beginning is difficult. That is why we have prepared for you a portal abounding with inspiration and ideas how to use the teaching activities in instruction. Concrete examples, used in class, are described. The descriptions include also supporting materials (if appropriate) which you may need to accomplish in practice. You may choose to try them out 'as is' or use them as a source of inspiration for your own work.

Compatible with various devices

You definitely need not shy away from trying out the teaching activities on pupils' various tablets, notebooks or smartphones (i.e. combining brands, operating systems or screen diagonals) – the sent data will always accommodate to optimally fit the display plane. That is what makes Toglic an ideal solution for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, under which pupils use their own devices of various brands.

How it works

Teacher Account

Each teacher has her/his own account, dedicated to 1 teacher and as many as 35 pupils (simultaneously logged in users; it may be used for multiple classes). The only requirement is that the teacher registers and then logs in. The pupils log in using a PIN handed over to them by the teacher and entering their name. It all runs on the web browser, meaning that you do not need to install anything.

  1. Upon purchasing the licence the teacher obtains a licence certificate with a unique activation key that she/he uses here for registration.
  2. The teacher logs in using her/his name and password. A PIN code is automatically generated for her/him that she/he then uses to invite the pupils to the system. Up to 35 pupils may work concurrently.
  3. The pupils log in at the portal using the PIN provided by their teacher and entering their name. A that's it - you are ready to start teaching.

School Account

The School Account enables to create up to 20 Teacher Accounts for the employees of a single school. The account creator teacher who has registered the school and entered the activation key becomes also the School Account administrator, authorised to set up accounts for the other users. Pupils may log in using the PIN code or they may have their own accounts established and log in with their name and password. Within a single School Account, up to 100 users may be logged in simultaneously (both teachers and pupils, whether based on PIN or name and password).

Technological basis

Carefree operation using the cloud storage site – automatic updates, backups. No installation required – everything runs on the web browser (optimised for the Chrome, IE and Firefox service). The Toglic web service requires that all devices are connected to the Internet, while the data transmissions are minimum in size.